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by Miche O’higgins

CV Workshop

future of work, craft, community

Writing CVs is an experience we can all relate to. The tedious hours of contorting yourself through job descriptions,  figuring out how to phrase helping your mum to set up an instagram account, desperately googling HOW THE HELL DO I WRITE MY PERSONAL STATEMENT and can I use my best mate as a reference??

In this workshop, we were interested in creating playful and unexpected interactions with the CV, using it as a site to explore the changing relationship between work and identity as we move into an increasingly automated world of work.

We embodied, rewrote, forged, redistributed, cut, stuck, performed and played with mangled versions of our current CVs in an effort to find out more about our relationship with work and investigate our feelings about employment.

What does the CV of the future job look like?

How can we write CV’s that antagonise our ideologies of work and productivity rather than uphold them?

May, 2021 

In collaboration with Stan Bidston Casey and Jack Lowerson as part of residancy at Superflous 

Exploration of the CV