HMP Wandsworth Bee Project

While producing a short documentary about London-based beekeepers we became quickly entangled in a passionate network of bee enthusiasts. Along the way we met Sharon, the resident Beekeeper of HMP Wandsworth, who asked us to design some labels for the prison produced honey.

We ended up faciliating 2 design workshops inside the HMP Wandsworth Arts Hub. In the first workshop we inducted the men on some basic design tool to begin coming up with a simple illustration to put on the labels. Back at our workshops we transformed these illustratios into laser cut mdf stamps, which we took back to the Arts Hub a few weeks later. We then ran the 2nd stamp printing works that produced the final labels. The Arts Hub has been continued to print their own honey labels since we left.

Read an essay about the project here:
︎Rehabilitating Crafts


In collaboration with Zoe Frost, Arianne Gor, Eva Gates, Valentina Bacci and Yena Kim.