I Dream About Thinking About Work

“It’s a Sunday – I spent last night having to explain to my parents why my little brother was no longer in my possession, I don’t want to get into it – and the weight of all the work I have to do is folding over me. I am exhausted, I have a meeting later, and I know the only way I will get through it is if have a nap.

In the hue of daylight, I doze off, and my responsibilities start to landscape my unconsciousness. I dream about thinking about work. I dream guiltily, but thinking is the work that works everywhere. I dream anxiously – the only way to legitimize this out-of-order state is by occupying my thoughts with thoughts of work. I may be sleeping, but productivity can seep behind closed eyelids.

I’m tired of this shit. But in it’s defence, maybe work just mistook my nap for a really long blink.”

Exhibited at Themselves Warehouse Festival
Copeland Park, Peckham

In collaboration with Kaiya Waerea, Lauren Coutts, Frankie Storey and Zoe Frost. Find us at @scoobyscoobyscoobyscoobyscooby