lab for

by Miche O’higgins

I Dream About Thinking About Work   

post-work, wellness, exhaustion

The states of a toilet cubical, vacant, occupied, or out-of-order, are, under the work society, the same as our own. If we are not working, we are waiting, waiting for work. But still, we find ways to subvert, even if they are micro – even if they are photocopying your bum at an office party.

This mechanical installation came out of exploring spaces designed for work and spaces not designed for work, a distinction that is dismantled by immaterial labour.

Here the toilet hybridises with the landscape of the office space, as it works but not tirelessly. The toilet procrastinates as it approaches exhaustion and overflow. 

Exhibited at Themselves Warehouse Festival
Copeland Park, Peckham

In collaboration with Kaiya Waerea, Lauren Coutts, Frankie Storey and Zoe Frost. Find us at @scoobyscoobyscoobyscoobyscooby