lab for

by Miche O’higgins


microtasking, sci-fi, community

“Micro-Stories are a series of crowd-sourced stories accumulated via chain mail, prompted by beginnings written by Amazon Mechanical Turk workers. Nestled inside these fictions are narrations of what it means to be flexibly at work today under a precarious gig economy.

I hope that in sharing these stories and co-writing the endings we can exchange our experiences of what it means to be ‘at work’ today and begin to imagine alternate ways of caring for each other beyond capitalist metrics of output and efficiency.”

With huge thanks to Molly Parker, Ned Gree, Alex Scobie, Silas Gibbons and Nicholas Mortimer for reading on the track and everyone else who generously contributed to these stories. 

June 2019 

MicroStories aired on Subtext Radio 3. October 2019