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by Miche O’higgins

Queer Futures 2022 

Queer Futures Writing Room was brought together by Dani Williamson and myself in march 2022. With a growing online community, we’ve since been exploring backwards facing futurism experimenting with expanded writing methodologies in relation to queerness, time and entanglement. Through conversation and play, we have developed practices that negotiate an expanded notion of authorship and seek out territory between states. As our delocalised community gathers in our virtual writing room, we see the internet as an anarchic liminal space that permits us to traverse permeable borders, boundaries and binaries in ways we are not usually able to in non-virtual space. 

Queer Futures 2023 coming soon

We’re excited to launch Queer Futures Lab, a new iteration of the writing room, which feels much closer to what we’ve scratching at all year, ready to be launched in early 2023. Our monthly sessions will follow ︎the water cycle︎, each quarter being a new phase in this atemporal geological system. Each month will explore a new juxtaposition in relation to that phase through a collective writing exercise following by discussion. 

︎ Collection Phase

January: Future/Past
In this phase all the water is being channelled from streams, into rivers, into estuaries, finally gathering in the ocean. As we flow through gradually expanding channels, pace and directionality varies. We begin the year by exploring the arrow of time as we pass into the new year caught in the dizzying crossfire between future and past.

February: Local/Non-local
As we enter further into our new cycle, our community is gathering from our respective streams beginning to mix into one larger body of water. We meet eachother in this collective reservoir where borders become blurry and our collective input becomes mixed in the tides of the ocean.

︎Evaporation Phase

March: Motion/Stillness
As the sun heats the ocean, the water begins to change state. Molecules become excited and entropy begins to rise as the liquid becomes gaseous. As our collective body begins to heat, we explore motion and vibration in preparation for changing states.

April: Virtual/Physical
Passed into a gaseous configuration we now explore the air where our presence and physicality is called into question. We are real, yet virtually invisible.

May: Me/You
And finally, as our molecules become dispersed through the atmosphere, we search
for each other in the margins between ourselves and the other.

︎ Condensation Phase

June: Chaos/Order
From our journey through gas we begin our next transition into humidity once more. Our molecules begin to coalesce, plucking order from the chaos of their journey through air. 

July: Transparent/Opaque
Caught in the fogginess of a condensing cloud we explore clarity and visibility, searching for the blurry distortion that takes place in this in-between.

August: In/Out
In this state, our edges become more defined yet are still contested. We search for this dysfunctional membrane together.

︎ Precipitation Phase

September: Individual/Collective
We have gathered and formed throughout the year, becoming heavier and denser with all the mass we have collected. As we become aqueous, our hydroponic tension causes molecules to become sticky and droplets form. We pull each other in, forming micro communities that are in constant reconfiguration as we submit to gravity.

October: Natural/Artificial
But all this time, h20 hasn’t been the only thing gathering in our gaseous airborne hubs. We are the formation of many toxins released from human activity. As we turn to rain, the sytheticness of our bodies is examined, asking where the limits of our naturalness lies.

November: High/Low
As we come to land together, we examine high and low in relation to technological progress.

︎ Collection Phase

December: Forward/Backwards
Our now liquid bodies begin the journey of coming together once more. In the narrowest of creeks, directionality is contested. Are we moving forwards or backwards? As we prepare to enter into a new year, our foresight becomes unidirectional, looking to the future with a backwards gaze.