Useless L(AI)bour

“What labour do we expect AI to perform for us and could we ever perform it back?

Neural networks work rapidly and repetitively to their own temporality. Through sound, image, dance and craft we will attempt to reproduce an analogue experience of these digital systems using our bodies as a medium. Through performing this routinized and monotonous labour we will collectively generate databases of movement and sound to unveil new playspaces for empathising with our technologies. We will challenge the functionality and usefulness of ‘work’ and construct new temporalities using the rhythms of our bodies. Join us, L(AI)BOUR, in this DIY pilot exploration of how to craft new logics and relationships with our digital 

Recordings from a collective singing exercises was used as the dataset for an algorithm to generate new audio from. Below are the results, generated after 85k cycles. 

Hosted at Limehouse Town Hall

In collaboration with Chris Wood, Klara Kofen, James Oldham