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by Miche O’higgins

Yearning for Hypersea

Yearning for Hypersea is a narrative instrument that uses light as a protagonist to explore themes of immateriality, longing, motherhood and queer ecology. 

“I want to be a refraction of light. A gust of wind. A shadow cast across staggered surface. I want to be the conversation that takes place between them. I want to be weightless, unbounded, shapeshifting. I want to be an interface.”

“Entropy please tear me apart, coming and becoming, coming and becoming. Fold me through the planetary archive of the hypersea where I will swim with ancestral ghosts.”

The script riffs off Astrida Neimanis Hydrofeminism; Or, On Becoming a Body of Water. 

More coming soon. 

With Kuntay Serefoglu
October 2022