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by Miche O’higgins

Yearning for Hypersea

non-reproductive futures, queer kinship, excractivism

Yearning for Hypersea is a performance narrating the relationship between a human and their plastic progeny, set in the 22nd century. This ‘baby’ is partially bacterial, partially plastic raised on the toxic pollutants of human plastic waste over the centuries. From inside its incubator, the creature can see light reflections off the water and onto the ceiling. It becomes captured by these shapes and grows jealous of the unboundedness and immateriality of this light, resentful of the body of containment, born from the extractivist regimes, it has been given by its ancestors. The refraction of light on the ceiling triggers a lyrical soundscape through max/msp, and a story of the tension between mother and child unfolds.

This piece, built on the research of Heather Davids, explores what organic life could evolve from the excesses of capitalist consumption and speculates on what our relationship might be with this future non-filial offspring.

Instrument developed with Kuntay Serefoglu
October 2022

“I want to be a refraction of light. A gust of wind. A shadow cast across staggered surface. I want to be the conversation that takes place between them. I want to be weightless, unbounded, shapeshifting. I want to be an interface.”

“Entropy please tear me apart, coming and becoming, coming and becoming. Fold me through the planetary archive of the hypersea where I will swim with ancestral ghosts.”

The script riffs off Astrida Neimanis’ “Hydrofeminism; Or, On Becoming a Body of Water”.