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by Miche O’higgins

symbio:scenes ep. 1

sci-fi, fantasy, worldbuilding

Symbio:scenes is an immersive science fiction series that follows the evolution of life through a swamp into distant technological and ecological epochs.

In the first episode a performative installation narrates the lifecycle of our post-human protagonist through different technological eras.

The fairy interacts with the world around her and as she does the forest responds with sound to her touch. Each branch, orb, trunk and pond has it own beat or melody that is being triggered live on stage by sound designer and producer, Alex Scobie. We are swallowed into a gloopy, synthy, ambient soundscape.

However the fairy has set in motion a force she can no longer control, driving the world as she knows it to eventual collapse.
December 2021
Zorrow Bar, Berlin 
With Alex Scobie